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Re: GCC/binutils shared library search changes?

> Was either GCC or binutils (whichever is appropriate) changed between 
> gcc-2.7.0-2 and gcc-2.7.2-1 or binutils-2.5.2l.20-2 and binutils-2.6-1 so 
> that it won't find ELF shared libraries with names like libX11.so.6.0, 
> only libraries with names like libX11.so?

Yes, ld (part of binutils) was changed.  This was done to allow better
control of which libraries were linked in.

> If this is going to be a permanent change then I can probably hack the 
> Imakefiles to make extra lib*.so symlinks.

Yes, this is permanent.  You could also create them in the
debian.rules file.

BTW, the generic, Linux X libs were built with -rpath.  Please do not
do this for Debian.

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