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Re: GCC/binutils shared library search changes?

On Fri, 8 Dec 1995, Stephen Early wrote:

> Was either GCC or binutils (whichever is appropriate) changed between 
> gcc-2.7.0-2 and gcc-2.7.2-1 or binutils-2.5.2l.20-2 and binutils-2.6-1 so 
> that it won't find ELF shared libraries with names like libX11.so.6.0, 
> only libraries with names like libX11.so?
> I ask because X has suddenly started statically linking the core binaries 
> when I do a complete build. It compiles the shared libraries first, and 
> puts symbolic links in a temorary 'usrlib' directory. This directory 
> looks like this:

> If this is going to be a permanent change then I can probably hack the 
> Imakefiles to make extra lib*.so symlinks.

The search for libxxx.so.x.y.z done in older binutils was taken out again
three month ago and is not in the binutils-2.6-1.  Yes, it will bite a lot
of people, but it is ok.  I will strongly opt againts the automatic search,
if someone want to try to insert this again.

Maybe I should have spoken erlier to all developer and package-maintainer.

It seems to be a need for a mechanism to provide the information from the
release-notes.  Here is a snippet from release.binutils-
Most of the modifications in binutils 2.5.2l.20 are in here except
for the support of libxxxx.so.x.y.z since it may not work under
all ELF systems. You have to make a right symlink to libxxxx.so.x.y.z
from libxxxx.so when you install libxxxx and if there is none for the
existing shared library , i.e.,

# ln -sf libxxxx.so.x.y.z libxxxx.so

Rolf Rossius

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