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ncurses build options...

OK, here's what I think I've come up with:

	shared libraries (in /lib)
		looks for files first in /etc/terminfo then /usr/lib/terminfo
		has linux as compiled in fall-back.
	terminfo manipulation programs
	man pages for the programs
	small terminfo database in /etc/terminfo
		includes ansi, dumb, linux, sun, vt52, vt100, vt102, 
			vt220, xterm

	static, debugging and profiling libraries (all in /usr/lib)
	header files (in /usr/include/ncurses)
	examples and documentation (including man pages

	all of the terminals not in ncurses-runtime, installed in
I think this satisfies all the suggestions that have been made.  Let me 
know if you see anything wrong.
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