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Re: ncurses build options...

> OK, here's what I think I've come up with:
> ncurses-runtime:
> 	shared libraries (in /lib)
> 		looks for files first in /etc/terminfo then /usr/lib/terminfo
> 		has linux as compiled in fall-back.
> 	terminfo manipulation programs
> 	man pages for the programs
> 	small terminfo database in /etc/terminfo
> 		includes ansi, dumb, linux, sun, vt52, vt100, vt102, 
> 			vt220, xterm

How do you plan to support multiple major versions simultaneously?
This will be necessary -- the ncurses developers have already changed
the shared library version number once since they introduced shared
library support and have indicated they won't hesitate to do so again.

One suggestion is to break this down into even smaller packages like

ncurses-base: base terminal definitions
ncursesNN-lib: shared library only, multiple major versions allowed
ncurses-progs: programs and manual pages
> ncurses-developer:
> 	static, debugging and profiling libraries (all in /usr/lib)

Do we really need/want debugging and profiling libraries?  No other
packages currently provide these.

> 	header files (in /usr/include/ncurses)

No.  The header files should go in /usr/include with
/usr/include/ncurses being a symlink to /usr/include for backwards
compatibility.  Remember, ncurses is replacing curses and should be
installed as curses.  Please look at the interim version that I did.

> 	examples and documentation (including man pages
> ncurese-terminals:
> 	all of the terminals not in ncurses-runtime, installed in
> 		/usr/lib/terminfo


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