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Bug#1205: compiling strace

Wichert Akkerman writes ("Bug#1205: compiling strace"):
> Compiling strace with newer kernel sources is not so difficult as the
> bug reports from Ray Dassen suggest. Starting with the strace source
> as found on sunsite's devel/strace
> diff --recursive strace-3.0/syscall.c strace-new/syscall.c
> 35a36,41
> > #ifdef LINUX
> > #define __KERNEL__
> > #include <linux/errno.h>
> > #undef __KERNEL__
> > #endif
> >
> diff --recursive strace-3.0/system.c strace-new/system.c
> 40a41
> > #include <linux/mman.h>
> I've compiled it here with sources for kernel 1.3.0. Newer kernels should
> also work.

Would you like to be the strace maintainer ?

There is another thing that needs changing in strace - or at least, it
needs changing for me, because I have a /proc-paranoia patch

/proc/<pid>/mem isn't useable other than by root on my system, and
though there is alternative code in strace it isn't enabled on Linux.
I'd like to see strace use the alternative code if /proc/<pid>/mem


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