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Re: Linux init-time errors since elf upgrade

David Engel writes ("Re: Linux init-time errors since elf upgrade"):
> As someone has already noted, this was probably due to nm needing
> libbfd.so and it not being on the root partition.  Someone else
> suggested putting libbfd.so in /lib.  IMO, libbfd.so does not belong
> in /lib and nm should be linked so as to not depend on it.  If the new
> maintainer (Siggy, I think) can't get to it soon, I will try later in
> the week.
> BTW, now that I think about it, we should consider selectively
> relinking a few other programs such that other, non-essential shared
> libraries don't need to be in /lib (e.g. bash/readline).

Surely we want readline on the root partition, simply to save space in
general ?  Having a statically-linked version inside bash isn't going
to help save space in /.

I don't know about libbfd.


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