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Re: Linux init-time errors since elf upgrade

I've been on much needed and way too short vacation for the last week
so please excuse me for not responding earlier.

> The error I see accurs during processing of /etc/initd/modules.
> Between "Calculating dependencies ..." and "done", I see about 
> lines of "sh:  /bin/nm cannot execute binary file".  There's
> noting in between there except "depmod -a".  Manually running
> "depmod -a" after the system is up does not produce these messages.

As someone has already noted, this was probably due to nm needing
libbfd.so and it not being on the root partition.  Someone else
suggested putting libbfd.so in /lib.  IMO, libbfd.so does not belong
in /lib and nm should be linked so as to not depend on it.  If the new
maintainer (Siggy, I think) can't get to it soon, I will try later in
the week.

BTW, now that I think about it, we should consider selectively
relinking a few other programs such that other, non-essential shared
libraries don't need to be in /lib (e.g. bash/readline).

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