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Re: Linux init-time errors since elf upgrade

> I've been seeing this since I installed the elf upgrade packages.
> I was hoping that someone with a better handle on it than me would
> report it, but I've seen no report.  I'm not casting this as a
> bug report since I'm not sure where to attribute it.
> The error I see accurs during processing of /etc/initd/modules.
> Between "Calculating dependencies ..." and "done", I see about 
> lines of "sh:  /bin/nm cannot execute binary file".  There's
> noting in between there except "depmod -a".  Manually running
> "depmod -a" after the system is up does not produce these messages.

Are these complaints about libbfd.so.2.5.2l.20

These are due to not having /usr mounted (/usr/lib/libbfd.so.2.5.2l.20)
is at the point where depmod is run.

I havnt got round to reporting this as abug yet 'coz I dont know what
lib bfd does yet.



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