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Re: innd won't start on my ELF converted machine

> I am sending this to the devel list, assuming that not many others have 
> converted to ELF yet.
> Anyway, the subject says alot.  I have had innd running on my system for 
> sometime.  After loading all of the new ELF and A.OUT libs, innd doesn't 
> start.  I get a message in the log that says:
>   inndstart: inndstart cant bind Address already in use
> So I thought I would rebuild.  First I tried with elf and that failed 
> (sorry I don't remember why at the moment) and then with a.out.  The 
> a.out build went fine, but I get the same message.
> Any ideas?  I haven't dug to deeply yet, that's next.  But I thought I 
> would ask and maybe not have to solve something someelse already did.

Hmmm, I dont see why that's happened.  I just converted from a.out to elf
yesterday and just restarted innd and it's fine.  I get that message from
inndstart when it's already runnign and decide to run it again however.  Have
you checked to see if there's any leftover processes by news when it's not



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