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Bug#1886: cern-httpd 3.0-4: a couple of bugs

Chris Fearnley writes ("Bug#1886: cern-httpd 3.0-4:  a couple of bugs"):
   > In http-conf, section "Users' Public HTML Directories", says that the
   > default location for users' pages is in public_html, but the script
   > sets the default to public-html.

Ian Jackson:
   I'd be inclined to change the implementation to match the
   documentation, but if I say too much then Bruce will post another
   excruciatingly funny parody.

I'm sorry I missed his earlier parody.

In any event, I've seen some problems in some cgi-bin related tools
with hyphens.  I don't think they'd be triggered by hyphens in
directory names, but I'd like to indicate a mild preference for an
underscore here...


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