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innd won't start on my ELF converted machine


I am sending this to the devel list, assuming that not many others have 
converted to ELF yet.

Anyway, the subject says alot.  I have had innd running on my system for 
sometime.  After loading all of the new ELF and A.OUT libs, innd doesn't 
start.  I get a message in the log that says:
  inndstart: inndstart cant bind Address already in use
So I thought I would rebuild.  First I tried with elf and that failed 
(sorry I don't remember why at the moment) and then with a.out.  The 
a.out build went fine, but I get the same message.

Any ideas?  I haven't dug to deeply yet, that's next.  But I thought I 
would ask and maybe not have to solve something someelse already did.


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