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bounds checking

I saw this come over comp.os.linux.announce. This would be a nice feature
to add to the ELF compiler.



from: rwmj@doc.ic.ac.uk (Richard Jones)
Subject: GCC bounds checking 2.7.1/1.0 released

*** GCC 2.7.1 with Bounds Checking: Version 1.0 released ***

The latest version of the patches that give full fine-grained bounds
checking to GCC have been released and are available from:


Please read the latest README file in that directory which will tell
you how to install and compile the patches. There are also binary
distributions for the following machines:

	i486-unknown-linux (ELF only)

(coming soon: HP-PA, Solaris binaries).

For more information, there are WWW pages for this software:


Richard W.M. Jones <rwmj@doc.ic.ac.uk>

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