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Re: package uploading probs

Bruce Perens writes ("Re: package uploading probs "):
> Regional upload directories make sense. What we really need is a script
> (a hack of the mirror program) to "mirror" all files from a remote system
> and remove the files from the remote once they have been copied sucessfully.
> If we can't do that immediately, we can at least establish the regional
> upload sites and let their local caretakers remove files as appropriate.
> Note that the upload directory should not be part of your Debian mirror
> lest we create a short circuit and blow the main fuse of the Internet :-) .


> Ian Jackson, can you provide one in Cambridge? Is there someone who can
> provide one in Germany? There are lots of other places that need them as
> well.


Matt, can you mirror this somewhere ?

I have a script that one can run out of cron that uses rcp and rsh
md5sum to upload a file.  That might be suitable for use in these
circumstances.  Suppose we arrange for users to upload things to the
`local' Incoming, and then rename them into a `togo' or `ok'
directory.  Then the script picks them up and rcp's them across,
deleting them a while later.

Hmm, I can do this.  In the meantime, Matt, mirror that in a


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