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Bug#1779: unclutter - I need -noevents

Package: unclutter
Version: 0.8-1

I need to run unclutter with the `-noevents' flag to stop it from
causing my window manager (twm) from thinking that the current window
has lost the focus and un-highlighting it.

I suggest that this be documented (the current description of
-noevents implies that it does something which seems to be roughly the
opposite of the effect I'm seeing).  No doubt this is some X nastiness.

It might also be useful to change the default.

These comments should probably go to the upstream author.

I used to use a very old version of unclutter (0.4), which didn't need
this option because it probably didn't have the code to send the
offending events.  Unfortunately that version was linked against
libc.so.2.2.2 (!) which doesn't support DNS queries for hostname
lookups ...


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