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package uploading probs

This message is intended in the first place for developers over here in
Europe. I wonder if there are others experiencing the same problems that I have
when uploading files to ftp.debian.org and are looking out for a solution.

Since my account @uni-muenster.de is a rather limited one, I'm working almost
exclusively on our tiny Debian/GNU Linux LAN at home and use PPP with dynamic IP
addressing to connect to the net. Uploading large files (python* is approx. 4M)
even during off-peak hours (0030-0130 UTC seems to be best) is prohibitively
slow even with local phone rates (they are at 0.23DM/720s now and will go up to
0.12DM/240s next year). It wouldn't be much of a concern when succeeding on the
first try, but I lost track of how many attempts failed for various reasons.

The trans-atlantic links being slow as they are, a dual approach to mirroring
FTP sites sprang to my mind. What if we are distributing the project's incoming
directory across some sites with good connectivity and use rdist(1) to keep them
in sync? Major mirror sites might be good canditates for this.

Before going into greater detail, I'd like to read your comments.

-- Siggy

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