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Re: Do we really care how many floppies are in the base?

Hallo Richard Kettlewell!

}>Here is another vote for vi in the base set.  On a well populated
}>system, Isn't ed used only for scripting and couldn't ex do the same
}>thing?  Do we need ed at all except for completeness?  (I'm now open
}>to be flame-broiled)
}Personally I can't stand vi and am therefore going to be prejudiced
}against anything to do with it ... but I believe I'm being fairly
}objective in asserting that something like ee would be much better for
}naive users.
}It's also only slightly bigger than ed.

On every Unix-System there is a vi. So why should it be missing in the
Debian GNU/Linux base system?

vi is standard for every Unix, if one likes it or not. It would cause
much confusion if we release a system that doesn't has this editor in
the base, but another.



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