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Re: Do we really care how many floppies are in the base?

Richard Kettlewell writes:
>Raul Miller writes:
>>Instead of a soft link to some system-defined editor, why not make
>>edit a shell script which provides a reasonable default, yet allows
>>configuration on a per-user basis:
>>${EDITOR-/bin/ee} $@
>I think you mean 
>	#!/bin/sh
>	${EDITOR:-/bin/ee} "$@"
>...but yes, that sounds fairly sane.

I think you mean

exec ${VISUAL:-${EDITOR:-/bin/ee}} "$@"

VISUAL should come before EDITOR.  Yes, it's arcana, but we should
probably DTRT.  Oh, if that nested behavior working is a bash thing,
then make it /bin/bash; I don't remember if "real" bourne shell does
that or not; when I had access to "real" bourne shell, I was a poor
misguided csh user ;-) ;-) ;-)

And the exec will save a few pages of memory; something that is real
nice if swapping hasn't been set up yet.  Saves on the ps/top real
estate, too.


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