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Re: Do we really care how many floppies are in the base?

> > > around floppies.  Am I misinterpreting Bruce?
> > I don't know.  The impression I got was that there are no immediate
> > plans to make it possible to install the base disks other than via
> > actual floppies or CD-ROM.
> From reading the snippet from Bruce, I would have thought that they
> could do a dpkg --install base/* after NFS mounting the drive.
> > [...]
> > and netstd, and ncurses-runtime. One installs in two floppies, and you then
> > have to install the base packages afterward. The 5-floppy one sounds like it


Past/current releases had stuff on the base disks which you wouldn't
get by installing just the base packages.  I don't know about Bruce's
current unreleased base disks, though.

Perhaps base disk installation from CDROM or NFS would be something like
"for i in path/*basedisk*.gz; do zcat $i | cpio -i; done".  If so, it'd seem
simple enough to smarten dinstall up enough to do that as an alternative
to installing base disks from floppy.

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