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two packages

I have two programs here that I could either pack `badly' (see below) --- 
or not pack at all.

The first is `diald', a very nice little daemon that dials in using a call to a
'chat' script (doesn't work with dip). It needs quite some manual care at
installation. Copyrighted by Eric Schenk at by CMU for some code parts.

The second is 'efax', a tiny little package of two executables and a 30 kB
bash script for faxing. Works fine. I haven't tried reception yet. It is also
GPLed (as opposed to hylafax or sendfax+mgetty).

In both cases am I unable to deliver 'catch-all' full blown install
scripts. That would be quite a huge job.  Shall I package them as is with
reasonable defaults?


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