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status report and floppy count

I currently have the floppy count exactly the same as in the previous release.
The fully-installed base system is on three floppies. Unfortunately, I was only
able to get the partial-base down to 2 floppies (not 1) and thus it isn't much
use over the 3-disk full base.

There is a separate Syslinux boot disk, which should now work on all systems
and can have its kernel changed from any system that can handle an MS-DOS
filesystem. The root disk has about 8K free blocks. 1.2.13 and 1.3.25 kernels
will be available, as the module problems with 1.3 have been repaired.

I will _not_ have time to cram the root and boot floppies into one floppy
before this release. I will be able to do it for 1.0 - the tiny utility
suite that allows me to get everything in one floppy mostly works but
is not solid enough for me to base this release on it. Hopefully I can
network-enable that disk, so that you can use it to bootstrap from a network
package archive. I am also exploring the no-floppy boot for CD-ROM

I plan to have all of this uploaded for your testing on Tuesday evening.
After Friday, Ian Murdock will be responsible if any repairs are necessary
before the release.

Please hold off the questions and argument - I'm under a good deal of time
pressure right now.


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