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install methods

I can't find it in my saved mail, but I think someone was
wondering about linux install methods currently in use.
I ran a survey on a local linux mailing list.  Responses
were sparse, but here's a summary:

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mitchell@mdd.comm.mot.com (Bill Mitchell) writes to the Seattle Linux Mailing List:

I said:

> I'm looking for info on what linux install methods are in use,
> and how relatively common they are.  I'd appreciate email letting
> me know whether you install linux from floppy, from CDROM, or what.
> If there's interest, I'll summarize to the list.

I received ten responses, which break down as follows:

               previously            currently
Floppies           3                     3
CDROM              1                     6
NFS/FTP            1                     1
disk-disk(1)       2
not yet                                  1
transfer disk(2)                         1
msdos mounts(3)                          1

I added info for myself:  transfer disk on some systems,
installing packages from a mounted MSDOS filesystem on others,
and floppies on still others.  I have installed from CDROM in
the past, and probably will again in future, but don't do so

(1) copy an installed system from one disk to another, then
    move the second disk to another machine.

(2) large-capacity removable disk, written on one system and
    read on another for install.

(3) copy files onto an MSDOS filesystem, install barebones linux
    system on another partition from floppies, boot linux, mount
    the MSDOS filesystem, and complete installation from there.

The "previously" column is data from those who mentioned
what methods they've previously used.

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