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Re: install methods


There is already a big huge listing of such information.  It's not a part
of the Linux Documentation project, but I think they also have links to the
information from their Web page.  I don't have the URL in front of me,
unfortunatley.  Does someone else know about this?  I know that the
SlackWare distribution has this information built into it's install, which
is something we should also consider for Debian.


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At 2:52 PM 8/25/95, Bill Mitchell wrote:
>I can't find it in my saved mail, but I think someone was
>wondering about linux install methods currently in use.
>I ran a survey on a local linux mailing list.  Responses
>were sparse, but here's a summary:
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>mitchell@mdd.comm.mot.com (Bill Mitchell) writes to the Seattle Linux
>Mailing List:
>I said:
>> I'm looking for info on what linux install methods are in use,
>> and how relatively common they are.  I'd appreciate email letting
>> me know whether you install linux from floppy, from CDROM, or what.
>> If there's interest, I'll summarize to the list.
>I received ten responses, which break down as follows:
>               previously            currently
>Floppies           3                     3
>CDROM              1                     6
>NFS/FTP            1                     1
>disk-disk(1)       2
>not yet                                  1
>transfer disk(2)                         1
>msdos mounts(3)                          1
>I added info for myself:  transfer disk on some systems,
>installing packages from a mounted MSDOS filesystem on others,
>and floppies on still others.  I have installed from CDROM in
>the past, and probably will again in future, but don't do so
>(1) copy an installed system from one disk to another, then
>    move the second disk to another machine.
>(2) large-capacity removable disk, written on one system and
>    read on another for install.
>(3) copy files onto an MSDOS filesystem, install barebones linux
>    system on another partition from floppies, boot linux, mount
>    the MSDOS filesystem, and complete installation from there.
>The "previously" column is data from those who mentioned
>what methods they've previously used.
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