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Bug#1232: Tin recommends C-News | INN

Kenny Wickstrom:
   I have included the debian.control file below.  With this release I
   made cnew | inn optional.  However, in testing some things, I found
   that if you read news locally (from /var/spool/news), then the
   external program 'inews' is required.  If you read news via NNTP,
   then it uses and internal inews functionality.  I don't know for
   sure where my external 'inews' program came from.  I have looked a
   little, but have found a way to always use the internal
   functionality (Iain Lea, are you there?).

Since inews-like functionality is built into NNTP, I don't think
you'll be able to use tin's facilities for this without NNTP.

   Assuming that I can't use the internal functionality in all cases,
   how would that effect the recommended and optional lines?

Guess how most people would be using it.  Probably, inews should be
optional.  However, there should be something in the Description of
tin to point out to people that don't have nntp that they'll need it.

   Also, I don't quite understand the use of the Conffiles line.  tin
   uses two configuration files that it creates if they aren't
   present.  The files (/etc/mailname and /etc/news/server) may be
   used by other packages.  Do I list these files on the Conffiles

It wouldn't do any good, so I wouldn't.  [Conffiles are for files that
"typically come with the distribution" but need special handling.]


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