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Bug#1232: Tin recommends C-News | INN


I am working on another release of tin to clear up a couple small
problems.  I probably will only release 1.3 PL 0 beta and not continue
any work on 1.2 PL 2.

I have included the debian.control file below.  With this release I made
cnew | inn optional.  However, in testing some things, I found that if you
read news locally (from /var/spool/news), then the external program
'inews' is required.  If you read news via NNTP, then it uses and internal
inews functionality.  I don't know for sure where my external 'inews'
program came from.  I have looked a little, but have found a way to
always use the internal functionality (Iain Lea, are you there?).

Assuming that I can't use the internal functionality in all cases, how
would that effect the recommended and optional lines?

Also, I don't quite understand the use of the Conffiles line.  tin uses
two configuration files that it creates if they aren't present.  The
files (/etc/mailname and /etc/news/server) may be used by other
packages.  Do I list these files on the Conffiles line?

Thanks for any advice...
Kenny Wickstrom           | gnu - a new generation in s/w devel/support
kenny@kennet.com          | Linux - a much improved Un*x clone
(708)740-4008             | Debian - a Linux distribution setting the
#include <std-disclaimer> |    standard for future distributions

------ tin-1.30b-7 debian.control -------------------
Package: tin
Version: =
Package_Revision: =
Maintainer: Kenny Wickstrom <kenny@kennet.com>
Description: Threaded Internet News reader
 It has a powerful full screen text mode user interface, where
 most actions are available at the press of a single key.  It is
 highly configurable.
 tin can read news from a news server via NNTP (the Network News Transfer
 Protocol) or from the local host (/var/spool/news).  You must have either
 a news server available - large sites usually provide a site-wide server,
 or the articles local on the host in /var/spool/news.
 If you install a news server on your system (either containing
 just local newsgroups or with a partial or full USENET feed) you
 can configure tin to access it.
Recommended: smail | sendmail
Optional: cnews | inn

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