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Re: Postgres file locations

> From: Guy R. Thomas <gthomas@native-ed.bc.ca>
> I suggest the following
> /usr/lib/                    shared library
> /usr/include/postgres/       include files
> /var/postgres/               database files
> /usr/bin/                    postgres binaries
> /home/<dba>/                 source tree

For the database files, it would be good if the user has the option of
placing them in his/her own home directory.  (I am assuming that multiple
people could be using postgres for multiple different databases.  Each
might want to maintain control over their own database in terms of
permissions, etc.)

The source tree should be a seperate package to be installed in a directory
under the current one.  (If you unpack it from within /usr/src, you might
get a directory like /usr/src/postgres-34.83-7 with the source inside of it.)

> In the binary package  I plan to prompt the configurer for a username to  
> have as the DBA.  Then the package will create that user if they dont
> already exist.  Does that seem wise?

I don't think that the package should create a user, except possibly for
one named ``postgres''.

> Thanks for the input.
You're welcome.

> Guy R. Thomas                                 Native Education Centre

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