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Re: Bug#1274: manual page for inetd.conf missing (syslog.conf, too)

Hallo Peter Tobias!

}I've just created an inetd.conf manual page from the inetd manual page.
}Maybe the maintainer of the syslog package should do the same.

The author / administrator of the sysklogd package is doing the
same. :-)

That's me and I'm actually writing on the syslog.conf(5) manpage, it's
nearly finished. I also have rewritten parts of the the syslogd(8) and
klogd(8) manpages. There have been strong changes to the code, too,
and we hope that we can publish the new release of the package in a
few weeks/months.

}> (syslog.conf is also missing)

But not for a long time. When I have finished updating and rewriting
the manpages I will make an excerpt that fits the old sysklogd package
and send it to Andries (man-pages maintainer/collector) and to the
debian maintainer, if he/she drops me a line (don't know who it is,
perhaps Ian Murdock?).

In the meantime the BSD page can be taken, but it's a) not quite up to
date, b) ugly (that's at least my impression) and c) not Linux manpage
style conforming.



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