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Postgres file locations

Hi folks,

I would like some help with deciding on a location for the files  
associated with the Postgres package that I am putting together.  I have  
a few ideas that might work, but as I have limited experience with the  
way other big DBMS's are configured I would like some other ideas.

In the original sources the entire tree lives under /usr/local/postgres.  
 That is the source code, the binaries, the shared libraries, the  
include files, and the databases all install there.  There is a special  
user, (the DBA usually postgres,  uid 6), that has /usr/local/postgres as  
the home directory.

I suggest the following

/usr/lib/                    shared library
/usr/include/postgres/       include files
/var/postgres/               database files
/usr/bin/                    postgres binaries
/home/<dba>/                 source tree

Does this seem reasonable?  What major gaff have I made?  Am I using  
/var correctly?  There are about 15 binaries that get installed in  
/usr/bin.  Is that too many?

In the binary package  I plan to prompt the configurer for a username to  
have as the DBA.  Then the package will create that user if they dont  
already exist.  Does that seem wise?

Thanks for the input.
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