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Re: Bug#1274: manual page for inetd.conf missing

rdm@tad.micro.umn.edu wrote:
> Package: netbase?
> Version: 1.13-1
> >From the manual page on tcpd:
>        hosts_access(5), format of the tcpd access control tables.
>        syslog.conf(5), format of the syslogd control file.
>        inetd.conf(5), format of the inetd control file.
> bash# man inetd.conf
> Updating index cache for path `/usr/man'. Wait...done.
> No manual entry for inetd.conf
> bash# man 5 inetd.conf
> (syslog.conf is also missing)

I've just created an inetd.conf manual page from the inetd manual page.
Maybe the maintainer of the syslog package should do the same.


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