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Re: Bug reporting script

Richard Kettlewell writes ("Re: Bug reporting script"):
> Richard Kettlewell responded:
> >I suppose there's no reason why my program shouldn't check stored
> >permissions/etc information if it's there.  I guess that makes it a dpkg
> >issue rather than a repair issue. 
> Ian, is there any likelihood that dpkg will store this kind of
> information in /var/lib/dpkg?

Well, I'll consider it as a future enhancement, but it certainly won't
happen any time soon.  When it does we can enhance repair to be able
to use it.

>  It would work out as 100Kb or so if
> stored compactly but uncompressed, several times that in
> human-readable form.  It should compress well.

Compressing it wouldn't work because that would make the dpkg
databases unreliable.  Bill Mitchell: please do not contradict me, I
don't want to have a discussion about this.

> Failing that, the best I can do is try to extract the information from
> the output of dpkg --contents on the .deb file, which isn't very
> satisfactory.

I think you should leave this question (checking permissions on the
files in the package) for now.

Why don't we see whether it turns out that many people have problems
caused by them mangling the permissions, before attempting to solve
what may be a very rare problem ?

Bill Mitchell writes ("Re: Bug reporting script"):
> Predictibly, I suggest [...]

No.  I don't have the time to explain the flaws in your suggestion.
If you made fewer suggestions (and better ones!) I might find time to
answer them more fully ...


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