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Re: Bug reporting script

Bill Mitchell writes:

>Predictibly, I suggest that file mode info, as well as file md5sum
>and size info, be stored in a package overhead file at package build
>time; similarly to what's done with the path info which ends up in
>/var/lib/dpkg/*.list, but done at package build time and not at
>package installation time.  dpkg could detect the presence of this
>package format extension at package install time and handle both
>package formats appropriately.

I don't think that's right - all the information required is already
in the package in the form of the files themselves; why duplicate it?
If it's going to be anywhere it's much more sensible to generate it at
install time.  There's no sense in bloating .deb files more than is

Your suggestion also has the disadvantage that every package in the
distribution would need updating; whereas if the extra information is
generated at install time, all current packages will just work.


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