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Re: New ELF packages available

David Engel writes ("New ELF packages available"):
> [...]
> 	Changed ld-linux.so to map files with MAP_DENYWRITE to
> 	keep them from being changed while the file is in use
> 	(Rick Sladkey).

Woa there !  Under what circumstances can I map a file with

If I can prevent a user updating their files simply by opening them
for reading and then mmapping them with funny options there is a bug
in the kernel.

It seems to me that this feature is not even required.  In general
shared libraries are only created by (and hence writeable by) the
sysadmin (who should follow the library upgrade release notes) or by
clueful users (who deserve what they get if they write to in-use

Please pass this onto the appropriate kernel or GCC mailing list if
there is a problem.


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