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Grrrr! Possible lost bugs-mail

While they were busy with the OS upgrade they decided to move all the
user home directories onto something called an "FAserver".

Unfortunately, this thing takes at least 4K per file, rather than the
old 1K, so I was immediately up against my disk limit.

procmail *should* have handled this correctly, which in this case
means putting the messages in my personal mailbox.  However, I only
see two such messages, which makes me suspicious.

Bruce: can you please send me (here, iwj10@thor) an extract of your
logs regarding any bug mail (and, preferably, any Debian mailing list
mail) you sent me (at iwj10@cus) between 0830 and 1200 GMT today,

I have taken a copy of my logs at this end, and should be able to
identify the senders of any lost mail even if I can't recover the

If you have recently sent some mail to debian-bugs and haven't yet had
an ack or a forward to debian-devel or whatever you were expecting,
please do not delete your copy until you get an ack.


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