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Re: RFD: new optional field for 'control'

Bruce Perens writes ("Re: RFD: new optional field for 'control' "):
> dhs@firefly.com said:
> > o)  This MUST NOT be allowed to slow down the progress on dpkg & 
> > dselect
> Ian doesn't have to make any changes to dselect/dpkg whatever we decide to
> do . Dpkg will ignore extra control file fields and extra files in DEBIAN/ .


> > o)  Eventually, we should build this information into the .deb file 
> > so as to avoid a proliferation of files.  As a first step, we 
> > should just use separate files, so as to avoid delaying Ian J's 
> > release of dpkg and dselect.
> Thus, we can add description.html to the DEBIAN/ directory in the package,
> _if_ we wish, right now.

 (a) keep the name of the file below 14 characters.
 (b) put a `.' in it IFF you want dpkg NOT to install it in
     /var/lib/dpkg/info.  (Files with `.'s don't work there: is
     `foo.bar.spong' the `spong' file from `foo.bar' or the
     `bar.spong' file from `foo' ?  dpkg will discard any admin files
     with `.'s it finds in the package.)


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