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New ELF packages available

I've uploaded new ld.so and elf-* packages to ftp.debian.org.  They
are currently in the Incoming directory but should be moved to the
experimental directory shortly.

The new ld.so is only a minor update from the previous version.  I've
included the changes from the README file below.

There was a conflict between the old elf-libc and elf-gcc packages in
that they both provided assert.h.  I think I've setup the depends and
conflicts fields in the control files to force the required upgrade
procedure.  Just in case though, here's how to do it.  Uninstall the
old elf-gcc first, then install the new elf-libc ignoring any errors
about assert.h, and finally reinstall the new elf-gcc.

There are two versions of elf-libc.  

The first is the publicly released libc-5.0.9.  The only change from
the previous package is the updated dependencies/conflicts mentioned

The second is libc-5.2.4 which is the latest beta version from
H.J. Lu.  It is expected to be released publicly any time.  The
biggest change is that only libc and libm are included.  H.J. has
unbundled the other libraries (gdbm, db, curses and termcap).

I will try to provide elf-gdbm and elf-db packages if anyone is
interested.  I won't be making ELF packages for curses and termcap
since they are being replaced by ncurses.  I'll try to have an
elf-ncurses package ready sometime this weekend.

Here are the changes in ld.so 1.7.5:

	Changed ldconfig to recognize libraries without any
	version number (eg. libXYZ.so).

	Changed ldconfig to not generate a corrupt cache when
	the disk is full or other write errors occur.

	Changed ld-linux.so to map files with MAP_DENYWRITE to
	keep them from being changed while the file is in use
	(Rick Sladkey).

	Changed libdl to not overwrite the scope pointer of a 
	library if it was already loaded (H.J. Lu).

	Changed ld-linux.so so gdb can be used on constructors
	(Eric Youngdale).

	Changed ldconfig to ignore ELF libraries where the soname
	does not match the file name on the assumption that it is
	a used at compile-time (eg. libcurses.so -> libncruses.so).

David Engel                        Optical Data Systems, Inc.
david@ods.com                      1101 E. Arapaho Road
(214) 234-6400                     Richardson, TX  75081

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