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Bug#1203: /etc/site-start.el is a frequently-modified, auto-handled conffile

Package: emacs
Version: 19.29-1

The file /etc/site-start.el is modified by various Emacs packages when
they record their startup and autoload definitions.

Unfortunately, rather than being distributed as an empty file, it
contains the line:
(load "/usr/lib/emacs/19.29/lisp/jka-compr.elc")

This means that it is updated every time Emacs changes minor version,
and the user will get a conffiles prompt to which there is no right
answer - they must manually merge together the changes from the other
packages they have installed and the version number change from the
new Emacs.

I propose that either:

* The jka-compr load line be moved into another file (or arranged to
be loaded by default or something), and site-start.el to be created as
an empty file by the postinst if necessary rather than being a

* (Suboptimal) the jka-compr load line be changed to be
version-independent.  (This will mean that any other changes the
distributor makes will still have to be sorted out manually by the


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