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Bug#1205: strace doesn't compile with newer kernel sources

Package: strace
Version: 3.0-1

strace doesn't compile anymore with newer kernel includes (e.g. 1.2.13's).
It creates a file 'linux/ioctlent.raw' which includes nearly all linux/*.h
files, to get at defines. In 1.2.13 some of these defines are
#ifdef __KERNEL__ 'd, so this file should do '#define __KERNEL__'.
'#include <linux/tqueue.h>' needs to be added, and
'#include <linux/termios.h>' needs to be moved upward.
Furthermore, the lines for MTIOCGETCONFIG and MTIOCSETCONFIG result in
problems which I couldn't solve (putting them into comments allowed
for further compiling, but is only a hack, not a solution).

Quite likely, similar problems will happen when using a 1.3.x kernel.

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