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Re: several things

> From: E. Branderhorst <branderhorst@fgg.eur.nl>
> To: debian-devel@pixar.com
> Subject: several things
> Hello debian-devels,
> Perhaps standard debian.rules is too difficult, but I'll try to keep
> all my debian.rules the same that's for sure (I hope). Brings me
I think that the solution might be for maintainers to put comments in 
their debian.rules files.  They are, after all, programs which need to
be understood by other maintainers.

> [ deleted detail about trivial packages ]
> To make a long story short, does the debian community (or the devels)
> want such packages? If not, don't flame me but say it gently. If so,
> should the core system being seperated from the contributed (optional)
> stuff? Let me know.
I don't think that there is a problem with trivial packages.  The benefit
is in the descriptions.

> Another one: can the copyrights be compressed, or put on disk more
> efficiently. It's has no function "?" letting them reside their, but
> they are consuming space. Can they be stored in one compressed file,
> or should it be plain text. Perhaps a copyright program could be made
> to interface a compressed database with copyright messages.
Copyrights must remain easily viewed.  No decompression or special program
should be required to view them.

> Another two: perhaps packages shouldn't install if no copyright was
> included, unless you force them to do anyway. The maintainer should
> take care of this but perhaps this is a protection of a proper
> "debian" system?
I don't see how you could possibly enforce this.

> Another three: A html for each package which offers the general
> information, a link to the documentation (if available), a link to the
> debian file of the package in question and a link to get this file,
> and perhaps a link to the copyright which can be provided in several
> ways (plain text or via some cgi-bin thing).
Also, a link to the debian-bugs system, perhaps through a form.  And a
link to the maintainer's home page, if the maintainer wants one.

> If I'm coming up with old issues, sorry, say so. Please comment.
> Erick Branderhorst

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