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Re: On packages

Bruce Perens writes:
>There are about 420 people on debian-user. They wouldn't be on debian-user
>if they didn't want to run the system.

That's only a lower bound...  without some idea of what proportion of
users subscribe to debian-user, it's not really the piece of
information I was talking about.

>> Can you imagine sitting there clicking fifty or so links to download 
>> everything you need?  Much easier to ``mget *'', hit return a few 
>> dozen times in succession and go away for a coffee...
>Debian CD-ROM: $20. It's easier than FTP for most people.

$20 more expensive, tho...

>The only purpose
>of the point-and-click interface to the FTP archive is to:
>	1. Tell people what's in the system.
>	2. Let people do incremental upgrades as new stuff is released.
>By the way, if you have to hit return a few dozen times when you "mget",
>are you missing the "prompt" command to FTP?

Hmm, good point.  Apparently I find it less effort to madly hit RETURN
than to RTFM...


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