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Re: RFD: new optional field for 'control'

> From: jdassen@WI.LeidenUniv.NL (J.H.M.Dassen)
> Subject: RFD: new optional field for 'control'
> Hi.
> At Bruce's request I'm developing a HTML interface to the FTP site
> (experimental pages are accessible at http://www.debian.org/FTP/).
> During this development, we found that a 'html-description' (or suchlike)
> field for 'control' would be useful.
> This could be used to enhance the description with pointers to
> documentation.
> Opinions on this are welcome.

o)  This sounds like a really nice idea.

o)  This MUST NOT be allowed to slow down the progress on dpkg & dselect
    (which I understand to be the final necessary pieces of a real Debian
    distribution).  In other words, whatever is done on this topic should
    not require much (if any) of Ian Jackson's time.

o)  Eventually, we should build this information into the .deb file so as
    to avoid a proliferation of files.  As a first step, we should just
    use separate files, so as to avoid delaying Ian J's release of dpkg
    and dselect.

o)  Perhaps the eventual standard should be to store these html documents
    on the individual Debian system so as to allow local browsing of this
    information.  We should provide a system-specific flag to indicate if
    we want these files installed locally.

o)  As much as possible, the links between the Debian html documents
    should be relative, so that they can be installed on non-networked

o)  Standard links for each page might be to: documentation, copyright
    notices, maintainers' home pages, form-based bug reporting mechanism.

> Ray

   David H. Silber     dhs@firefly.com     Project:  Debian GNU/Linux (uucp)
   <http://www.access.digex.net/~dhs/>     Wanted:  Spare time.

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