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several things

Hello debian-devels,

Perhaps standard debian.rules is too difficult, but I'll try to keep
all my debian.rules the same that's for sure (I hope). Brings me
quickly to another subject: what is wanted and what can be left
out. As you probably noticed I uploaded a few easy to build packages
which can be created quite easily by an average system administrator.
Dirk Eddelbuettel mailed me that he was in doubt if packages like
untex (one file) and xypic (a bunch of (la)tex files and fonts) should
be in the debian system. I agree that those weren't a great milestone
in programming or package-building but I did those because I like them
and I like to install them easily and thought other people might have
the same opinion on this and might never heard of some usefull package
and now they know.

To make a long story short, does the debian community (or the devels)
want such packages? If not, don't flame me but say it gently. If so,
should the core system being seperated from the contributed (optional)
stuff? Let me know.

Another one: can the copyrights be compressed, or put on disk more
efficiently. It's has no function "?" letting them reside their, but
they are consuming space. Can they be stored in one compressed file,
or should it be plain text. Perhaps a copyright program could be made
to interface a compressed database with copyright messages.

Another two: perhaps packages shouldn't install if no copyright was
included, unless you force them to do anyway. The maintainer should
take care of this but perhaps this is a protection of a proper
"debian" system?

Another three: A html for each package which offers the general
information, a link to the documentation (if available), a link to the
debian file of the package in question and a link to get this file,
and perhaps a link to the copyright which can be provided in several
ways (plain text or via some cgi-bin thing).

If I'm coming up with old issues, sorry, say so. Please comment.
Erick Branderhorst

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