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Re: several things

>Dirk Eddelbuettel mailed me that he was in doubt if packages like
>untex (one file) and xypic (a bunch of (la)tex files and fonts) should
>be in the debian system. I agree that those weren't a great milestone
>in programming or package-building but I did those because I like them
>and I like to install them easily and thought other people might have
>the same opinion on this and might never heard of some usefull package
>and now they know.

>To make a long story short, does the debian community (or the devels)
>want such packages? If not, don't flame me but say it gently. If so,
>should the core system being seperated from the contributed (optional)
>stuff? Let me know.

Well, I for one want such packages. It is nice to be able to install
and keep track of software using the Debian tools. Getting the
entirely of Tex, Latex, AucTex, Xfig, Emacs, and ispell, which I use
for writing technical papers, was an incredibly pleasurable experience
compared to other distributions. I see the beauty of Debian to be this
modularity---I only install those things I want, with a minimum of
hassle. And I think we must all admit that having a lot of Debian
packages is certainly good for the publicity of Debian...

Core vs. contrib hierarchies definitely has some merit, but where does
one draw the line?

Richard W Kaszeta                             Mechanical Engineer 
Oak Ridge National Laboratory                 xku@fea3.rrd.ornl.gov

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