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Re: Suggestions

> Wouldn't it be great if debian.rules became standard? You will never
> have to check it again and will save time in the end.

The targets and their actions are standardized. It's probably not possible
to standardize the exact _way_ the targets go about their actions. First,
it's going to have to be at least a little different for each package because
of the differences in the package's own makefile.

> I used to use package-version.orig but didn't like that because when
> changing to package-version by typing the first few characters a beep rang.

I may have a better solution for you. Assuming you are using csh, check
out the csh manual page section on file completion, especially the
"recexact", "matchbeep", "nobeep", "visible_bell", and "autoexpand" variables,
and the "beepcmd" alias.

The original directory name is one of the things that _was_ standardized.
Please put it back the way it was. Making the orig directory
hidden is going to be very confusing to anyone else who tries to build
your package. Having it use a different naming convention from the 150
other existing packages is almost as confusing.



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