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Hello debian-devels,

I did some packages lately and found that it 's quite inconvenient to
go through debian.rules files created by other maintainers. After a
bit of puzzling it becomes clear and the main stuff works the same for
probably all of them (I didn't check). But if you are taking over
packages from other maintainers, you have to learn their way of
debian.rules and the Makefile (and others) included. Wouldn't it be
great if debian.rules became standard? You will never have to check it
again and will save time in the end.

Another thing which is strongly related to the previous is the place
of the originals of the things we are packaging/developing. I used to
use package-version.orig but didn't like that because when changing to
package-version by typing the first few characters a beep rang. I
decided to move all the originals into .package-version (a hidden
directory). Perhaps this kind of stuff shouldn't go into hidden dirs
and a subdirectory orig containing all the originals sub-directory's is
more convenient?

Just some thoughts of an inexperienced packager. I'm not a C-programmer.
Erick Branderhorst

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