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More bugs/misfeatures in 0.91

Since my last message the following things have become apparent:

* /etc/rc.* should remove /tmp/.X0-lock at boot-time

* `which' doesn't work properly - it should be aliased to `type "$@"'
rather than `type -path "$@"', so that it tells you about shell
builtins etc instead of producing no output.

* The aliases in /etc/profile should be in the default bashrc instead,
since aliases are not inherited by subshells.  Furthermore the default
bashrc should definitely not source /etc/profile !  That looks like
some kind of bizarre csh-ism.

* I know this has been reported before, but not all serial ports in
rc.serial should be enabled by default.  Any serial ports enabled in
rc.serial should have their info printed, though (currently only the
first four do).  Perhaps a script for people to manage rc.serial ?

* The singleuser shell has a bizarre PATH, which doesn't include /sbin
for example.

* <X11/xpm.h> is missing.  (I assume that Xpm was intended to be
included - the stub and shared libraries are both available.)


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