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New net utilities

The new networking utilities seem to build, install, and run without
modification under Debian 0.91 . It's probably too late to get them into
0.92, but they should be in 0.93 . 


	Bruce Perens

[replies to me should work now.]

> From: Alan Cox <iiitac@pyr.swan.ac.uk>
> Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.announce
> Subject: NET-032 for Linux 0.99.15 [AT LAST]
> A port of Fred van Kempens 'net-032' utilities is now on sunacm.swan.ac.uk
> This release adds a lot of nice touches to the older networking but because
> we take care to make the kernel networking upward compatible is merely
> 'recommended' not required.
> This release also supports AX.25 arp and ifconfig with AX25010 if you have
> it installed (but they are not required). The very lastest Linus Torvalds
> route.c is also included.
> Location:
> 	sunacm.swan.ac.uk:/pub/Linux/Networking/Programs/System/net032
> Note:
> 	Please mail bug reports to me (iiitac@pyr.swan.ac.uk) not Fred,
> 	unless you know they are definitely problems in the original too
> 	(in which case mail both of us).
> Finally can I abuse a few bytes of announce bandwidth to make the following
> generally known.
> 1. If you using pl15 use pl15a or higher if you use tcp/ip networking
> 2. If you have a problem gatewaying between two networks using CSLIP
>    use SLIP.
> Alan Cox
> iiitac@pyr.swan.ac.uk

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