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Debian source tree

   Date: Mon, 21 Feb 94 15:08 PST
   From: Matthew Hannigan <matth@ucc.su.oz.au>

   I think you should leave them as separate packages.  I think it
   would be too much work for dubious gain to do otherwise.

   In fact I would do as Charlie Brady suggests: have the package
   sitting there as it was originally and supply all the patches
   for Debian in a separate file (gcc-2.5.8-deb-0.92.tar.gz).

Alright, I agree.  Packages it will be.  It may be a little while on
the patches, because I don't have the originals to many of the Debian
source packages (due to lack of disk space).  I do agree that making
them available would be most useful.


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