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Re: Emacs 18 vs. 19

Ian Jackson <iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk> writes:

> Would it be possible to have an Emacs 18 package as well as Emacs 19?
> I hadn't realised quite how slow Emacs 19 was until I was forced to
> use it ...

Quite possible.  I certainly intend on providing Debian with the most
recent (and stable) Emacs possible.  I simply am unable to do what I
want to do with Emacs 18.  If someone wishes to contribute Emacs-18.59
to Debian, it could certainly be made available.

> (BTW: Emacs 19 is still officially beta, isn't it ?)

Yes, but the VAST majority of Emacs additions are written specifically
for Emacs 19.  If it was a "true" beta, I would never use it, but when
everyone else is using it and it is a superior program, there isn't
much you can do about it.

(Or the snappy reply: Linux is still officially beta, isn't it?)


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