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Re: Sponsor request for 'Open Surge'

Hi Bruno,

> Unfortunately, I found a blocker from uploading the package: The licensing and
> copyright information of the game's data is missing in debian/copyright. I
> added debian/TODO to document that issue, i.e., there's still quite some work
> ahead to gather the respective copyright holders and licenses for data files.
> I picked random samples and it seems that some graphics files have that
> information in the image, while for the audio and music files copyright
> holders and license is mostly unclear. Please get in touch with upstream to
> get this sorted out!

Sorry, but I didn't understand what you need and what needs to be corrected to
have all this work and mandatory part in the licenses, since the upstream itself
declares in the main project directory that the license is GPLv3.

Is it really necessary to ask upstream to add all licenses to files such as
audio, music and images that it has created and that declares GPLv3?

There is no way to inform this in the debian directory itself, otherwise, more
details of what is happening and what is missing would be necessary for me to
forward to the project developer.

Thanks in advance for your help. Happy 2021!

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