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Re: Sponsor request for 'Open Surge'

Hi Bruno,

I made the corrections you asked for.


> thanks for your work! I had a look at the package and found the following:
>  * debian/copyright lacks information for src/core/zip/*.

Info-ZIP, Zlib license and unlicense added to d/copyright.

>  * debian/copyright lacks information for
> src/entities/legacy/nanocalc/{nanocalc.c, nanocalc.h, nanocalc_addons.c,
> nanocalc_addons.h} since those four aren't licensed under the GPL-3

In the files 'src/entities/legacy/nanocalc/*' informed that there is GPLv3

>  * debian/copyright lists the Roboto fonts license, while they are replaced by
> symbolic links to the files included in the fonts-roboto-unhinted package. You
> should instead add the embedded copy to the list of excluded files in
> debian/copyright and drop the licensing entry so they don't end up in the
> orig.tar.xz and repack the latter.

This change that you asked for I was in doubt and if you can guide me I will be

I removed the license for the Roboto font from the copyright list.

I didn't understand the part about adding the embedded copy to the list of
excluded files in d/copyright and discarding the license entry so that it
doesn't end in orig.tar.xz and package the latter. If you can give me a model or
link, I would be very grateful.

>  * Typo in the long package description: Open Surge is an retro-[…] -> Open
> Surge is a retro-[…]

Spelling error fixed. :)

> When those are fixed, I'll happily sponsor the upload.

Thanks very much Bruno for analyzing my package.

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