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Re: Sponsor request for 'Open Surge'

Am Sonntag, dem 27.12.2020 um 09:16 -0300 schrieb Carlos Donizete Froes:
Hi Bruno,
Oh I think you got me wrong here :) Since debian/copyright begins with a
'Files: *' section that documents GPL-3 for everything. As a result, only
files not licensed under GPL-3 need to be documented after that section.

As src/entities/legacy/nanocalc/ contains four non-GPL3 files, that needs to
be documented as:

Files: src/entities/legacy/nanocalc/nanocalc.c
Copyright: 2010-2012 Alexandre Martins <alemartf@gmail.com>
License: MIT/X11

Okay, I changed.

This change that you asked for I was in doubt and if you can guide me I will

I removed the license for the Roboto font from the copyright list.

I didn't understand the part about adding the embedded copy to the list of
excluded files in d/copyright and discarding the license entry so that it
doesn't end in orig.tar.xz and package the latter. If you can give me a model
link, I would be very grateful.

There's a mechanism for uscan to automatically exclude files from Debian
orig.tar.gz files that are unused or cannot be used because of licensing
issues. When I looked at debian/rules it looks as if fonts/Roboto-*.ttf are
not used, but replaced by symbolic links to files provided by the existing
Debian package fonts-roboto-unhinted.

In debian/copyright add near the top, below 'Source: […]' a field

Files-Excluded: fonts/Roboto-Black.ttf

This field is processed by uscan and makes it exclude the listed files from
Debian's orig.tar.gz. That's why you need to have uscan regenrate the
orig.tar.gz. Don't forget to check other places, e.g., debian/rules, that may
be affected by that change.

Now I get it, sorry for not getting it before. I made changes to the package,
check again when I can.


You're welcome :)

I pushed changes to also update debian/watch and repacked the orig tarball without the font files.

Unfortunately, I found a blocker from uploading the package: The licensing and copyright information of the game's data is missing in debian/copyright. I added debian/TODO to document that issue, i.e., there's still quite some work ahead to gather the respective copyright holders and licenses for data files. I picked random samples and it seems that some graphics files have that information in the image, while for the audio and music files copyright holders and license is mostly unclear. Please get in touch with upstream to get this sorted out!


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